Uncompromising Quality

At MidAmerican Beef, every step of the process contributes to a quality product on your table. Our feed is grown on the farm and is prepared and mixed under the direction of a nutritionist. Mixed rations for the cattle at every stage of growth contribute to peak health and performance.

We have a black Angus base three-way cross which produces strong, healthy calves with highly desirable traits drawn from the best of their respective breeds. These traits include size, quality, consistency, and specific characteristics such as marbling, tenderness, and flavor. Our cattle are always handled with care under calm, relaxed conditions, with plenty of room to spread out on the ranch and ample shade and water. No growth hormones are used, yet weight gains are comparable to animals raised under those conditions. 

At MidAmerican Beef, we utilize small, local packing houses to assure that the beef
you’re buying is from the cattle born, raised, and finished on our farms.  

 The result is beef of consistently high quality, earning a “High Choice” rating on the USDA scale.
The product is sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for replacement or refund.

The taste is exceptional.

Guiding Principles in Everything We Do

  • Honor God
  • Have a servant's heart
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be a team player
  • Be good stewards of the land, the water, and the livestock
  • Strive for excellence